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  Who Ya Got? Week 11
Posted by: Unsmooth Moment - 11-03-2008, 04:40 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (11)

Huge week in college football. Big games in most of the conferences this week, this week could shake up the BCS title picture. My question to you is Who Ya Got?

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  General College Basketball Thread
Posted by: Unsmooth Moment - 11-03-2008, 04:25 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (15)

So the best sport in the US is about to start over the next few weeks... college basketball. Most say the talent is a little down due to all the freshman leaving after last year, but I will be honest IM READY FOR SOME COLLEGE BASKETBALL. It should be a great year!

Pre-season Top 5 looks like this (AP Poll)
1. North Carolina
2. UConn
3. Louisville
5. Pittsburgh

Big 12 Teams in the top 25
7. Texas
12. Oklahoma
24. Kansas

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  Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy
Posted by: 2nd&8 - 11-03-2008, 04:07 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (34)

Since the mid 90's, Axl Rose has been talking about a new album following up the band's last original material, Use Your Illusion I & II. Since then, all we've gotten is a mediocre covers album and the song "Oh My God" in the End of Days soundtrack back in 1999...Officially that is.

Now in the 2000's, there have been many leaked songs intended for the Chinese Democracy album release. But between Axl disappearing for year long periods and the shuffling of band members in and out, the album still not has surfaced...However, that will finally change when the album will finally make its way onto shelves November 23rd.

Now of the 14 tracks given on the track listing (which you can find exclusively on Best Buy's website, and it will be sold only in Best Buys), 11 of the tracks have been leaked in "demo" form. Now I put demo in quotations because no one really knows how much or how little the demos of the leaks will differ from the final versions of these songs.

GN'R, now with a completely different lineup besides Axl Rose, has released the first single for the album, called "Chinese Democracy" which you can listen to on their website ( [url=""]Guns N' Roses' Title Track "Chinese Democracy"[/url] ). Some like it, some hate it, and obviously some will never accept it because the original members aren't there.

My personal opinion is I can't wait for this album to finally come out officially. I've went to four GN'R shows in 2006, and Axl still has it. Now I understand some may not like the band because of the lack of Slash and whatnot..But the artists Axl got for the band are more than qualified.

All I have to say to the doubters (which I'm sure there will be) is try and listen to this new band without always thinking the old Gunners. As well, don't judge the whole album if you just listen to the single with the link I posted above.

So enough ranting. I want to hear opinions from my fellow CC members. Tell me what you think of the new band, if you heard the leaks, and if you did, if you enjoyed them, and whatever else you have to say about GN'R. I'm not looking for this to be a GN'R praise thread, but I'm also hoping it doesn't turn into a bash thread either.

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  I feel better about our QB situation
Posted by: DallasChief - 11-03-2008, 01:33 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (86)

Then I did at the beginning of the season.

Not that that is saying much. But I do like what I'm seeing from Thigpen.

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  General NBA thread discussion
Posted by: DallasChief - 11-03-2008, 12:17 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (32)

Here we go.

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  Nuggets, Pistons working to finalize Iverson trade
Posted by: 2nd&8 - 11-03-2008, 12:02 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - No Replies

[color="#000000"]The Denver Nuggets are expected to trade Allen Iverson to the Detroit Pistons for Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess, Pistons team sources told ESPN's Stephen A. Smith.[/color]

[color="#000000"]The deal has not been finalized.[/color]

[color="#000000"]This would be the second time Iverson has been traded in two years. He was dealt by Philadelphia to Denver in December 2006, kicked out of Philly over irreconcilable differences as part of a package that brought Andre Miller to the 76ers.[/color]

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  Halloween Pics
Posted by: DallasChief - 11-03-2008, 11:20 AM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (6)

[Image: 103108_006.jpg]

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  Gunthers new blitz scheme
Posted by: warthog - 11-03-2008, 11:16 AM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (46)

I won't bore anyone on how I feel about Gunther, that's been well documented, but I do feel like it's not the same Gunther that we had when he first arrived.

I remember a game in the late 90's when Todd Collins was QB of the Buffalo Bills and they came to Arrowhead and were in the same situation that we were in yesterday. The Bills had the ball on our 10 and needed a TD to win or tie, I forget which, under 30 seconds to go.

Gunther sent everyone on a blitz after Collins on like 3 straight plays and he had no chance. On the final play Gunther sent everyone, Collins threw it up and we got the interception. That is what we needed yesterday. The NFL has just passed the guy by.

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  Ed Hochuli's crew strikes again
Posted by: warthog - 11-03-2008, 10:20 AM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (12)

I know this sounds like sour grapes, but that push off call on TG was ridiculous. It's as if they wait until one important play to call that on him. I hate these refs that think that they have to be the game. On important plays you should damn well let things go a little more than normal.

I don't know if it was a push off, it looked like Barber fell down to me, but the timing was obvious. That great, one handed play, to put the game away, was never going to be given to the Chiefs.

Will Ed Hochuli apologize to Chiefs fans like when he pandered to Charger fans after his biggest bonehead call? I doubt it, he was worried about hurting San Diego's post season chances, yesterday his crew was just worried about a playoff team losing to a one win team.

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  Real Men Of Genius
Posted by: nathanKent - 11-03-2008, 12:41 AM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (20)

Real Men Of Genius
Week 9 Game Review
[size=3]Nathan Kent, Chiefschat Staff Writer

Today we salute you, Mr. Not-Gonna-Run-The-Plays-That-Worked-In-The-First-Half. Your offense netted 260 yards with a balanced attack and dominated time of possession for two quarters, and now you're content to rest on your laurels. (This is the part where the singer from Survivor sings something clever like "not gonna run a deep route.") Like any good defensive-minded coach, you're prepared to let the defense win the game and run out the clock.... all 30 minutes of it. After all, how could any team overcome an 11 point deficit?

In truth, this is an easy defeat to swallow. Last week's offensive success was written off by the league as a fluke. Thigpen was making his first ever start with a full week's preparation. He was playing out of the shotgun on nearly every down. There was no ground game to balance out the passing attack. Tampa Bay is a good defense. They have tape now. They'll be ready for him. He doesn't stand a chance. Welcome back to earth, Tyler Thigpen.

Back to earth indeed--183 ground yards for the team, including 22 by Thigpen himself. Oh, and he catches the ball too, which is handy, seeing as WR Mark Bradley has a hell of an arm. Is it possible we claimed off of waivers the remaining two requisite building blocks for our offense? Is it possible we claimed them off of waivers from the two worst offenses in a division known far better for stout defenses? Is it possible that we're on the cusp of seeing Thigpen and Bradley jerseys at the mall? It's hard to believe, but The Pride of Coastal Carolina and The Shame of Chicago might be just the prescription the doctor ordered.

The Chiefs went into halftime with a commanding 24-13 lead. Furthermore, that 11 point deficit seemed to bely how disparately the two teams performed. Tampa's only TD came at the hands of shoddy special teams play, not poor defense. On the contrary, the Chiefs' D had held Tampa to a managable 143 yards total, and only 33 of them on the ground. It seems the guys were tired of hearing from reporters and fans alike exactly how bad they are against the run. As rebuttal, they simply shut down one of the league's better backs.

But it wasn't enough.

The next chapter of this story is a study in how an NFL team can unravel and how a coaching staff can pull the thread even further loose. To start out with, the injury bug hit. Starting tailback Kolby Smith went out with a knee injury. Thread unravels. It's not a problem because Jamaal Charles is as good if not better, but it eliminates all plays with Charles and Smith in the backfield together, which was proving to be a very potent offensive look. Next up: LB Derrick Johnson. That leaves a career bench rider (Rocky Boiman) covering the TE. Thread unravels. Next up: CB Brandon Flowers. That's even worse because Pro Bowl CB Patrick Surtain is already inactive due to injury. WRs are left to be covered by two rookies (Brandon Carr and Maurice Leggett). Thread unravels.

At this point it's a foregone conclusion that Tampa's passing attack is going to get very good very quickly. QB Jeff Garcia didn't make four Pro Bowls with that average arm of his for no reason--he makes good decisions and takes advantage of mismatches. Then again, with three rookies and new addition CB Tyron Brackenridge handling virtually all coverage duties, did he really have to make a decision at all to take advantage of a mismatch? After all, his receivers are Michael Clayton, Antonio Bryant, Ike Hilliard, and Joey Galloway. Three of them possess 1000 yard seasons (Hilliard does not--his best was a paltry 996). A slew of 1000-yard receivers plus a Pro Bowl QB plus a bunch of scrub defenders equals a whole lot of yards through the air--232, to be exact. Thread unravels.

So with that mitigating factor at hand, it becomes incumbent on the offense to ride in on their proverbial horse and save the day. To do so they needed only to do more of the same. More of what put them up by two TDs by the middle of the 1st quarter. More diversity. The run sets up the screen sets up the deep route sets up the trick play. But Tampa is a good defense, and the only way to stay on top of them is to keep them guessing. When the deep route and the trick play are removed from the playbook, no guessing need be done. A single deep pass was attempted by the Chiefs in the 2nd half (it fell incomplete). Beyond that, it was dink and dunk--only one pass completed for over 5 yards. The old formula was revived, and along with it the old antidote. Add to that a dropped pass here, a missed call there, and the end result was as predictable as the playcalling. 14:29 time of possession, and only 3 points scored.

Thread unraveled.

After watching the game twice, I cannot state with any degree of certainty that the playcalling was Herm's and not Chan's. There was no obvious tell. There was no running play called on a critical 3rd and 4. There were no trademark back to back 3-and-outs. What there was was that old familiar feeling. That feeling that maybe they were holding their cards a little too close to their vest. That feeling that the team was spared from winning by trying its damnedest to not lose.

Then again, a real man of genius knows that reward is only found through risk. Here's to hoping that next week the team will take a few more.

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