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Chi-town_Chief, DallasChief, HG, NOLA

  HEY HG (and other KC area folk)
Posted by: ChiefsChick23 - 12-19-2017, 03:59 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (46)

As I think y'all know, we are moving back to the KC area come June or July.  My job search starts in January.

So I'm looking at neighborhoods and whatnot in the Northland to return TO.

While I would prefer, overall, to live in Platte County, I think we'lll end up settling in Clay Count due to our needs.  We want to downsize a bit, so a 2 bed 1 bath is fine as long as they have a basement that's usable. Budget is for a house under $100K if at all possible (fixer upper a bit is fine as along as the bones are good, i.e., no major problems with roof or foundation or wiring).

I'm tired of moving and I really want to settle for good.  Plant some dogwoods and hosta. Smile

I used to live in the Woodhill neighborhood, off Cheauteau Trafficway & 35, not terribly far from Penguin Park (and prior to that, I lived just south of Holiday Hills off North Brighton, and before that in Parkville).  HG, you live in the Gracemor-Randolph Corners neighborhood, right? What do you think of it?  Would you recommend someone move there?

Also looking at Excelsior Springs - lots of opportunity there - but I know diddly squat about it.  Never even went out there all the years I lived in KC, but I have a close friends in Kearney so that area is somewhat attractive (commutes aren't a big deal - KC *has* no commute compared to what I drive daily in Fort Worth).

I have searches running for Clay, Platte, Ray, Buchanan & Clinton Counties (not afraid of living further out if I find just the right thing, keeping an eye on places like Dearborn and Cameron and Plattburg).  But I want to know what it's like from people who are LIVING there now.

What do y'all think?

I did like living where I used to live.  Could easily live in the same neighborhood without thinking twice.  Very convenient, older houses, lots of variety, working class for the most part, which is how I like it.

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  WEEK 16 Dolphins @ Chiefs
Posted by: NOLA - 12-19-2017, 10:05 AM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (44)

Let's keep this thing rolling!  One more win should do it, right?

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  Mitch Morse to IR
Posted by: ChiefsChick23 - 12-15-2017, 02:44 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (9)
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  WEEK 15 Chargers @ Chiefs
Posted by: NOLA - 12-13-2017, 01:57 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (27)

So, I guess it's my turn to do this?

Chargers and Chiefs this Saturday night at Arrowhead.  The team looked focused and fired up last week, so let's see if they can keep the momentum going.

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  Larry Johnson Struggling with Memory Loss, Violent Thoughts, Believes He Has CTE
Posted by: NOLA - 12-12-2017, 08:38 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (10)

This is a heartbreaking read.  And I more-or-less always thought of Johnson as a scumbag, and even in 2005 wasn't much of a fan, but I would not wish this on anyone.  Whether it's CTE or some other mental illness... it's not much of a life.

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  Dee Ford to IR
Posted by: ChiefsChick23 - 12-08-2017, 08:32 AM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (16)

The article link asks if this is the end for him in KC.

While he's flashed at times, my answer is yes.

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  Dorsey named new Browns GM
Posted by: chiefsfaninky - 12-07-2017, 11:40 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (20)

WOW. I suppose if anyone can help turn that franchise around, it would be John Dorsey.

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  WEEK 14 Raiders at Chiefs
Posted by: ChiefsChick23 - 12-06-2017, 10:00 AM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (30)

AKB hasn't started one, so I'll do it. Might break this unlucky streak.  Big Grin

The Raiders can go fuck themselves.  Win or lose, doesn't matter, they suck.

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  Question for Chiefs fans, Herman Edwards?
Posted by: Mr.Smartass2U - 11-29-2017, 10:50 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (24)

Hello guys.  It's been awhile, good seeing you all again. I'm hearing Arizona State is interested in hiring him, that's the reason I ask I'm personally a UCLA fan.  That aside, from what I remember, Vermeil left the team in ruins, defense was horrible besides Jared Allen, and the offense was built on aging talent like Trent Green/Eddie Kennison/Tony Gonzalez/Willie Roaf/Will Shields/Larry Johnson that quickly started declining or outright retired right when Herm got in.  My question is:

1.  What did you think of him as a coach?

2.  How well was he finding young talent for the rebuild?  

3.  Was he a victim of circumstance?

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  Week 13 vs. Jets
Posted by: asskickingboots - 11-28-2017, 07:26 PM - Forum: 65 Toss Power Trap - Replies (57)

The 6-5 Chiefs travel to Jersey to face the 4-7 Jets in Met Life Stadium for a noon game.

After a surprisingly not horrible 3-2 start, the Jets have since lost 5 of their last 6. Yes, just like the Chiefs have lost 5 of their last 6. We're dealing with the resistible force vs. the moveable object here. This is not where I thought we'd be a month and a half ago, about to have a match against the Jets that will likely only prove which team is worse.

I haven't paid one iota of attention to the media, national or local, regarding this game. I get a feeling all the national guys will talk about is Revis facing his old team. I'd have a hard time caring less about that angle. I'm much more interested in if Revis can be any help at all.

The only way this game matters to me is if the Chiefs win and it helps jumpstart them back to decency at least. During the hot start I was thinking anything less than making the AFC Championship game would be a huge disappointment. Now, I'd settle on at least making the playoffs one last time for some veterans like DJ as we send Alex packing in the offseason and get ready for the Mahomes era. Note, I've never been a "tank for better draft picks" kind of guy.

Of course, if things get much worse, particularly for Smith, we could be looking at the Patrick Mahomes era starting this December and talking draft if we even bother talking about the Chiefs at all.

It's amazing how even just some success can make the sting of failure worse.

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