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NFL Black Monday 2018
Has Sutton retired yet?
(01-18-2018, 08:38 AM)HG Wrote: He frickin sabotaged his own team on purpose.  Fuck him


The year Haley 'sabotaged' the team was the year Kc win 10 games and won the division, and he did so with a back up calibur QB.

They didn't improve when he was replaced.  I refuse to hold Haley solely accountable for the embarrassing and unprecedented shit-show feud he had with Pioli that sabotaged the team.

Toddy Haley wearing a dirty hat and growing a beard didn't harm the team nearly as bad as a GM who refused to accept that his starting QB was a back up (at best) calibur player and intentionally kept the QB depth minimal to prevent the possibility of a decent back up taking Cassel's spot.  

I've never seen a GM spend more time sandbagging for such a bad player.  Ever.

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