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HEY HG (and other KC area folk)
Yep.  And learn the back road routes
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(12-26-2017, 06:03 PM)HG Wrote: Yep.  And learn the back road routes

Already know lots of 'em.   Cool
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(12-26-2017, 01:23 PM)HG Wrote: I have sat in traffic all over this country.  Including Dallas.  And while you are right about the KC traffic.  Liberty is a whole different creature.  Rush hour to Liberty backs 35 up all the way back to 435.  Plus is backs up 435 back to Worlds of fun  on most days.  And once you finally get to the liberty exit it takes another 45 minutes to get through that.  Also the most dangerous intersection in the entire KC area is the corner of 153 and Flintlock Road.  On the Liberty KC border.

Can confirm what HG's saying.  I go through MO-152 to get to MO-291 to get to Fountain Bluff Sports Complex, and that section from Flintlock and MO-152 to the MO-152/MO-291 intersection gets reallllllllllllly busy, and this is a Sunday.  I shudder to think how it is like on a rush hour on M-F.  And disagree with HG's dangerous intersection in the entire KC area.  The stretch of Highway 71 from I-70 to I-49 ranks the worst, in my opinion.

Back roads, sometimes I take I-435 from MO-152 to get on MO-210 to bypass that.  While it is slightly a longer commute, you aren't hitting many stop lights on the way and less chances of rear-ending someone or you getting T-boned.

CC23, you're right in terms of KC traffic is minimal compared to DFW, and I have driven through DFW and Austin.  But I'm just stating that there has been no infrastructure improvements in the KC highways (except for Johnson County), and the population is growing.

So.... population increase + no infrastructure improvements (or highway improvements) = increasing gridlock.
That most dangerous intersection was done by some survay and reported on the news.  My opinion had nothing to do with it
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So the good news is that Mr. Chick will be able to continue in his job remotely.

That helps us BIG TIME in working towards the move.  Knowing we'll have a steady income during the process helps, and also makes it 10 times easier to buy a house.

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(12-29-2017, 11:38 AM)HG Wrote: That most dangerous intersection was done by some survay and reported on the news.  My opinion had nothing to do with it

Ah, my apologies then.  I thought it was your opinion.  I still disagree with the survey and what's reported on the news, because US-71 between I-70 and I-49 is very dangerous, especially with those annoying stop lights.
Oh I do agree.
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Update: agent is hired, loan approved.

Looking at a really cute house in Holiday Hills.  Not too far from HG.

UPDATE: My real estate agent is taking me on a virtual tour via Facebook messenger to several houses today - including TWO in your neighborhood, HG!
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Well, none of those worked out. We'll keep looking.

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Put in an offer on a house in Gladstone.  Wish us luck!
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