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Chiefs Week 1 @ Patriots, NFL Season Opener Thread
Who sucks more, Gaines or Mitchell?
Kelce is a punk.
(09-07-2017, 10:16 PM)warthog Wrote: Kelce is a punk.

True. But to be fair, he did have his head shoved into the ground by that guy before he shoved the ball into his balls.
Observations after 3 quarters. DJ looks as good as ever, maybe slightly slower but he has been slowing down a little every year. Hunt looks like the real deal. I wasn't high on anointing him right after the draft but I was also no big fan of ware and was hopeful hunt could supplant him. Our run defense needs some work and our pass rush has been nonexistent but I'm guessing that's because it's Tom brady. 

As I typed this hunt beats his man for a long td catch. That's smith's 2nd deep td pass of the game. He's also playing great. This is the tease of Alex though.
Berry out with an Achilles injury. That's probably season ending.
It's a shame that hunt doesn't have the breakaway speed. That's all he's missing from his game from what I've seen from him today.
Oh my god, you guys.

OH.  MY.  GOD.

This is just...

I have no word.  Me, speechless.

With joy.
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Wow, just wow.
Even without Wares injury, I think Hunt was heading for the starting spot regardless.  Ware wore down late last year, Hunt was a needed shot for us.
How did we get so good at finding RB's?

Ware was the WEAKEST ONE since we hired Priest Holmes.  And Ware, barring injury, was good, and working with a less than stellar line.
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