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Chiefs Four Chiefs Named AP All Pros

TE Travis Kelce
S Eric Berry
CB Marcus Peters
PR Tyreek Hill

All were named first team AP All Pros.

RT Mitchell Schwartz was named to the 2nd team.
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Only the Cowboys had more All Pros and Tyreek was only one of two unanimous choices.
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IMO, all four were 'no doubters'.  

Good for Schwartz.
I had a little doubt that Peters would make it, not because he didn't deserve it, but because he seems fairly polarizing to people. You either seem to love his game or hate it.

The only other guy I thought had a chance was Eric Murray as a special teamer. He's on the PFF All Pro list as a first teamer.

I'm not that surprised Murray didn't win, but the fact that both the 1st and 2nd team special teamers were Patriots shows me few of the voters had a real clue.
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