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(01-08-2017, 02:06 AM)KCChiefs1986 Wrote: Whoever we play we should be able to beat. If its the Texans we should be able to defensively stop them. If its the Steelers, we are gonna have to score 30-34 pts to put them out. No 17 pts in the 4th quarter for Mr. Alex Smith, no he will have to carry my team and our team to 30 pts at least to beats those Steelers. They can score and so can we imo, 21pts aint gonna do it Mr my quarterback Alex Smith so dont bring that 21pt mess into our game in KC in a week, score 30pts then we can face the Pats, ok????   Tongue

Texans I'm pretty sure most people agree we should be able to beat. Brock will toss at least one gift. He simply can't avoid that. I respect the Texans defense, but not as much as I respected the Broncos defense, and you saw what we could do to them when their offense was struggling and we didn't take our foot off the gas.

And really, that's my key either way. Against the Steelers if we get a lead we have to maintain a killer instinct. Do what we can to run down the clock, but not at the cost of getting first downs and points. I know we are resilient enough that we'll keep playing hard if we're down, we just can't be our own worst enemy.
Officially playing the Steelers. They played well against the Dolphins but I'm not real concerned about their defense. Ben Bell and Brown will be difficult to stop, especially Bell.
Roethlisberger is in a walking boot. I'm sure it's somewhat precautionary but he hurt his ankle at the end of the game.
Damn. Tough match-up, but you have to beat the best to be the best. I'm hoping the extra rest gives the home team the edge.

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Miami looked timid.  Acted like they were cold and it hurt when they hit.  This wont happen to either team this week.
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Should be a good game. Remember big ben is a different QB on the road. I dont think we should have a problem beating this team, but if Mr Ben puts on a hall of fame game which he is capable it could be hard. The key is no stupid turnovers from our offense and putting points on the board early. Maybe 17-10 at the end of the 1st half with us getting the ball first in the 2nd, make that 20-10 then we can get after Roethlisberger. Imo we have no excuse to lose to the Steelers at home. Our defense is better then there offense imo. But that hall of famer Roethlisberger may make it a game. If we have offensive turnovers then thats our problem and we dont deseve to see the pats. You know this is an explosive offense that youre facing, you know they are gonna score points, and you turn the ball over twice in the 1st half, yea you dont deserve to win. I think we will see our championship game if not more power the to the Steelers, Mike Tomlin is one of my favorite coaches and Ben is one of my favorite qbs, good luck to them in that fantasy scenario lol
thr guys on the NFL channel laughed about Bens boot.  "THERE HE GOES AGAIN"  They said.  He is fine.  The faker
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As a shock to no one, Roethlisberger is practicing today.  Foot injury not a thing.
(01-11-2017, 03:58 PM)NOLA Wrote: As a shock to no one, Roethlisberger is practicing today.  Foot injury not a thing.

Well, some Chiefs players can fix that right up for him. Wink
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Vegas is giving the Steelers the slight edge to beat the Chiefs.  For me, it's hard to imagine a Chiefs win, but I think that's because I have been to the last 4 home losses at Arrowhead.  The *** ****** (kicker) game, the Broncos Vasoline Game, the No punt game, and the loss to the Ravens, so it's hard for me to picture it.

But I keep thinking the earlier Steeler loss will focus them, the Arrowhead crowd will fire them up, Alex Smith will be the Alex Smith that over performs in playoff games, that our injured players will come back healthy and ready to go, and maybe the Steelers will read all the great press clipping from this week that have been crowning them.  Here's hoping.

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