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If you dont wanna know what happened yet, and you in here.  Your an idiot!
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Vader it turns out is Luke's father.
And Leia is Luke's sister.
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Lets do this shit.  

Looks like ford got his wish and was finally killed off.  Even though it was obvious it was coming it was still sad.  

But i loved this movie.   Alot of really good stuff.  Loved the last shot.
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Yeah, spoilers for real time.

Yep, Ford got his wish. I wish I didn't go into this movie thinking Solo was going to die because of the past. I mean, him frozen in carbonite was essentially the result of Ford being uncertain he wanted to return for the role in the original trilogy.

Several moments made it more and more clear he was going to die though. Leia asking him to "bring their son back" already cemented in my head he was going to die, as well as more or less how it was going to happen. Still, an excellent scene with the proper gravitas for the moment and brilliant lighting.

I'm really happy they avoided the dumbest thing they could have done, which would have been Luke going to the dark side. Some people theorized that based on his lack of appearance in the trailers, but Luke already faced the greatest temptation he ever would. He skirted dangerously close to the dark side in RotJ. If he lazily became a Sith off screen, I would have been pissed.

This had the proper look and feel of a Star Wars movie. Episodes 1-3 were missing a ton of the aesthetic of the original trilogy and didn't have great pacing. I felt this movie did. It kept the good guys in trouble often enough with usually just enough time between for the audience to catch their breath. The only scene I really felt dragged on was the one at the bar, but even it oozed with the classic Star Wars feel and had some necessary information conveyed.

BTW, if you want to avoid spoilers for future movies, avoid the Expanded Universe novels. There are literally hundreds of books altogether, but many of the big picture items, including the Starkiller base and some characters like Jacen Solo / Darth Caedus, are straight out of the expanded universe.

I feel like I'm going to have to watch this a couple more times to really judge it, but this is a really good Star Wars movie. It'd be hard to imagine a much better attempt made today. Haven't really decided where it ranks out of the movies so far, but I'd say top 3 for sure.
I honestly had no idea what was gonna happen.  Hans getting killed was a total shock. The whole movie I had no clue.  I guess thats why I gasped and yelled shit at the same time.  And I wonder how much Mark got paid for this one.
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(12-19-2015, 04:04 PM)HG Wrote: I honestly had no idea what was gonna happen.  Hans getting killed was a total shock. The whole movie I had no clue.  I guess thats why I gasped and yelled shit at the same time.  And I wonder how much Mark got paid for this one.

It's Han Solo, not Hans Plural. Just wanted to say that stupid joke, really.

I have this perfect image of you bolting out of your seat, knocking your drink out of the cup holder, popcorn rolling down your chest as you see Han getting stabbed, gasping until your lungs are full and bellowing "Shit!"

Mark did a lot of work for this movie outside of the obvious single scene he's in. For instance, he narrated a mini-documentary on kendo and how they've used it in the lightsaber scenes in the movies. One thing Episodes 1-3 didn't lack for was awesome, albeit relatively unemotional, lightsaber fights.
Just got home from the movie.  Yeah, I watched that vs. the stomping the Chiefs gave the Ravens - I'll watch the highlights.

DAYUM, I enjoyed the HELL out of that movie.  

Loved the death of Han Solo - made perfect sense.

Finn is my new favorite character in the Star Wars universe.

Ray (or is it Rea?  I dunno) is awesome and mysterious.  Speculation on her?  My guess is that she's Luke's daughter.

D'ya think that maybe, just maybe, the dark side guys will stop building giant bases that can be exploded in a single attack?  Hmmmm?

Top 3?  Top 2.  It's one notch below "Empire", IMO.
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Finn is easily my favorite Star Wars character ever. Bar none. "I'm a Stormtrooper? Fuck this!"

I'm mad because Luke was always my favorite character and I was so disappointed we didn't get more. Rey is his daughter, right?

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